Thank you for joining us for VLX5 Program #2!  We’re excited for this years programming and hope that you enjoy the show and stories below about our Friends this year and their projects.  xo VASTLAB


PROGRAM #2, SAT JAN 20th 2023

Tonights lineup

on the monitor in the theatre


on the VR Headset

Southern Impressions Nan Su

7:30pm LiveScore Damon Ramirez scoring

the analogy of space Oleksandr Hoisan


~7:45pm VLX5 Program #1 - Part 1

tears tears tears Ewa Maria Wolska
Vision Çağıl Harmandar
Clouds (from video 2650, s.2, v.26) Giorgio Gerardi
Engramme An-Laurence Higgins, Aaron Pollard
Water / Bodies – Tigre Delta Roberto Niño Betancourt
Avalanche of Sun Francesca Pazniokas

8:40pm Intermission


9:00pm VLX5 Program #1 - Part 2

The Letter From Tomorrow Nataliya Bek-Gergard
Sueños de un Aprendiz. (Dreams of the Apprentice) Luis Carlos Rodríguez
That's What Breath Is Benae Beamon
Randyland Caleb Bender
ARK Kent Tate
Metronomies Nathalie Bujold

9:50pm WRAP

VLX5 – Program #2

Los Angeles

ARK Kent Tate Ark describes a time when we had a front row seat where it seemed that we could see everything yet it felt as if we were seeing nothing at all. Over the years I’ve found fewer and fewer animals when I go out into nature to look at this or to film that. In the last year I haven’t found any wild animals and I’ve rarely heard any birds. So where have all the other animals gone? What has happened to them and what is happening to us?
Kent Tate is an Canadian artist/filmmaker whose work explores the dichotomy between tranquility and activity in our natural and manufactured worlds. Time, motion and stillness are intertwined through Tate’s work to act like a fulcrum upon which the environmental, social and philosophical aspects of his projects are held in dynamic balance. Tate has received awards, grants, and artist residencies for his projects which have been exhibited internationally at film/new media festivals, symposiums, group screenings/exhibitions and solo gallery exhibitions/tours.
Avalanche of Sun Francesca Pazniokas AVALANCHE OF SUN is an experimental exploration of the magic it takes to conjure ourselves into being. A solo movement piece set in an abandoned church-turned-theater, AVALANCHE OF SUN follows trans-nonbinary artist Rae Boyadjis as they conjure a symbolic, meditative triptych on the symbiosis of their past, present and future selves — from the sober isolation of self-estrangement to the ecstatic embrace of self. Featuring Boyadjis’s original aerial apparatus “Lazarus,” AVALANCHE OF SUN was created with support from STREB, Irondale, House of Yes and NYFA, produced by Alienchild, and features original music by experimental composer Sxip Shirey.
Francesca Pazniokas is a New York-based playwright and filmmaker whose work explores memory and fable, trauma and identity, obsession and the occult.
Call Home Elise Cohen
How isolated can we feel in a foreign country? How much do we feel the need to constantly stay connected with our family? And how do we cope with the fear of losing the traditions transmitted by our loved ones? Working with a collection of Home movies filmed by my grandfather from his time in Morocco, and a series of recordings of conversations I’ve had with my grandmother, Call Home reflects on the preservation and transmission of the memory taking the form of a visual poem.
Clouds (from video 2650, s.2, v.26) Giorgio Gerardi I filmed clouds and edited the video using graphic software. Clouds are a subject that has always fascinated me. They are something that constantly changes, reminding us of the continuous evolution of reality, in which nothing is immobile. Today has already become yesterday and tomorrow is now today, and everything is in ongoing transformation, continuous change. Clouds are something that has no shape of their own, but change moment by moment, in ways that are always different and unrepeatable. They are light and elusive. They cannot be grasped, they cannot be touched, and they remain something indefinite.
I live in Italy, in Favaro Veneto (Venice). Around the age of twenty, I approached the study of the History of Art, as an autodidact, and I began my personal photographic research. I got fascinated by the artistic Avant-garde of the late Nineteenth and early Twentieth centuries, and also the artistic currents of Minimalism and Conceptual Art. All these artistic phenomena attracted me mostly because they focused on the analysis of the visual medium, than to the staging of reality and its representation, as the history of Art and Photography had instead accustomed us. In recent years, I have focused on some details of the environment around me: clouds, leaves and trees, and everyday objects that you daily have under your eyes. For more information visit my page
Engramme An-Laurence Higgins, Aaron Pollard
“I am terrified by the idea of altering my memories.” Engrams are imprints on the brain left by our experiences. This video essay began as a conversation between An-Laurence Higgins and Aaron Pollard, two Montreal artists of different generations, with diverging cultural and linguistic backgrounds. This conversation centers on a shared preoccupation with the ways in which memory shapes identity, how the stories we hold onto shift over time and space and how seemingly indelible experiences are transformed and lost to our minds.
Filming a simple display of spring wild flowers in a glass vase placed in a church window and patiently hoping that a ray of light, by chance, might eventually enter the church while I was filming to illuminate them. Featuring LIGHT, Dandelions, Bluebells , Campions, Buttercups and Forget-Me-Nots. This observational video was made hand held in a long continuous take with an emphasis on the importance of light, duration, and visual transformation and how changes in light affect our perception of space. It was filmed silently with no sound track to focus predominantly on the visual and to provide a contemplative and reflexive experience for the viewer. ”If every tiny flower wanted to be a rose, spring would lose its loveliness” St Theresa of Lisieux
Metronomies Nathalie Bujold From samples of moving images of a metronome (in a pyramidal shape), various visual and rhythmic patterns are explored in order to stage the sound. This tribute to the composer György Ligeti is inspired by a piece for one hundred metronomes (preferably in a pyramidal shape), a conductor and ten performers, entitled Poème symphonique which is 60 years old.
Nathalie Bujold (b. 1964 Chandler, Gaspésie) is an interdisciplinary artist living and working in Montréal who is interested in the crossover between video, music and textiles. She joined Oeil de Poisson at the time of its founding in 1985. In 1992, she received the René-Richard Award and obtained a Bachelor’s degree in Studio Arts from the Université Laval in Quebec City. Various exhibitions and residences have taken her to Italy, Colombia, Lebanon, Switzerland and France. Her single-channel videos have been screened in solo programmes at Groupe Intervention Vidéo (GIV), Vidéographe, Pleasure Dome, the London Ontario Media Arts Association (LOMAA) and in collaboration with Vidéochroniques at the invitation of Heure exquise! International Centre for Video Arts at the Palais des Beaux-Arts de Lille. Bujold has exhibited in various artist-run centres, including Centre CLARK in Montréal, Vaste et Vague in Carleton-sur-Mer, Stride Gallery in Calgary, AKA in Saskatoon, as well as at the Musée national des beaux-arts du Québec (MNBAQ), the Cinémathèque québécoise in Montréal, and at Vidéochroniques in Marseille. She has taken part in the Symposium des Îles-de-la-Madeleine, the Sympo-Fibres International Symposium in Saint-Hyacinthe, the Akousma Festival, the International Festival of Films on Art, the Festival international de musique actuelle de Victoriaville (FIMAV), the International Digital Arts Biennial (BIAN), Rencontres Internationales des Arts Multimedia (RIAM) in Marseille, FestivalPhos, and the media arts section of Percéides in Gaspésie. In 2008, Bujold was awarded the Artistic Creation Award by the Conseil des arts et des lettres du Québec.
Randyland Caleb Bender A public art exhibition, an artists’ residency, a tribute to his late husband- Randy Gilson has been cobbling discarded toys, old furniture, mannequin heads, and more into one of the most unique and colorful places in Pittsburgh. “Randyland” is a portrait of the man behind the space.
Caleb Bender is a University of Pittsburgh film production undergrad. His filmmaking interests are documentary, experimental film, video art, and animation.
Southern Impressions Nan Su This virtual reality video presents a world of California fan palm trees in Palm Springs, California. To provide the audience with an immersive experience switching between different screens by looking around while listening to music, this video sets up a sphere theatre environment. This VR experience will bring relaxation to the audience by demonstrating the iconic scenery in the palm oasis.
As an independent filmmaker, Nan is enjoying her time writing, directing, producing, and doing post-production on film, TV, and virtual reality projects. Besides teaching film production in higher education, she also has experience working in the festival world. Nan’s multiple film projects have been selected for, nominated for, and won awards at different film festivals. She holds an MFA in Film from the California College of the Arts. Nan is called to reveal the commonalities of all human beings through examining unique cultures. She seeks to communicate with her audience and have a spiritual resonance with them through the peaks and valleys of her stories.
Sueños de un Aprendiz. (Dreams of the Apprentice) Luis Carlos Rodríguez Apprentice Dreams is part of an audiovisual artistic research project that seeks to transfer expressive and emotional concepts to the screen through moving images, and therefore deliberately lacks narrative, formal and structural aspects. Nevertheless, Apprentice Dreams is part of a broader experimental audiovisual research project that, through the construction and deconstruction of scenes generated by artificial intelligence, aims to explore questions that encompass formal, structural, narrative and aesthetic aspects of the audiovisual arts from the point of view of artistic-expressive activities.
Luis Carlos Rodríguez García. Avila Spain. I reside in Valladolid, Fine Arts. University of the Basque Country. Currently a professor at the Faculty of Education, University of Valladolid. Biography Art I Have maid individual and collective exhibitions of painting, photography, video art, installations and audiovisual performances in: Alicante, Avila, Barcelona, Bilbao, Girona, Granada, Madrid, Salamanca, Valladolid (Spain). Paris, Toulouse, Nice, Aquitaine, Aveyron. Decazeville, Renne (France). Monterrey, Guanajuato, Nuevo León, Chichco and Mexico DF (Mexico). London, Morecambe, Walthamstow, Cambridge, Folkestone. Bradford, (UK). New York, Atlanta, Burbank, Venice. Tampa, Asheville. Los Angeles, Las Vegas. Illinois, Ohio. Sacramento. Albuquerque Wisconsin, Oklahoma City, Palm Springs. New Bern, (USA). Rome, Forlì, Bari, Milan. Lecce. Modena, Naples. Lucca Tuscany. (Italy). Callcuta, Bengal, Maharashtra. Pune. (India). Lisbon, Porto, Coimbra and Madeira (Portugal). Caracas, San Cristobal Maracay, Nueva España. (Venezuela). Montreal, Toronto and Ontario (Canada). Buenos Aires, Paraná, (Argentina). Tokyo, Kyoto (Japan). Melbourne, Brisbane, (Australia). Loannina, Athens (Greece). Warsaw, Bydgoszcz, (Poland). Spliz and Zagreb (Croatia). Cusco, Lima (Peru) Innsbruck, (Austria). Berlin (Germany), Guanzanghou, (China). Sofia (Bulgaria). Timisoara (Romania). Belgrade (Serbia). Moscow (Russia). Rio de Janeiro (Brazil). Cúcuta, (Colombia). Phnom Penh (Cambodia), Lugano (Switzerland), Asuncion, (Paraguay), Lima (Peru) Ghent (Belgium). Santiago de Cuba, (Cuba), ,Khouzstan (Islamic Republic of Iran). Istambul, (Turkey).
tears tears tears Ewa Maria Wolska “tears tears tears” is an experimental stop-motion animation made only of water and light… an homage for human heart and all the emotions that make it beat, subtle or dramatic, stubborn or volatile… The process of creating the film lasted for 6 months and for its author it was a long meditative and therapeutic process. Words written with frozen letters were melting under the eye of the camera for about 30 minutes, while on the screen they appear for a few seconds, sometimes disappear in the blink of an eye or stay longer, repeat and repeat themselves.
Ewa Maria Wolska – puppeteer, theatre director, stop-motion animator. Graduated from Theatre Direction at the Theatre Academy in Warsaw, Puppetry Art Department in Bialystok as well as from Polish Philology and Cultural Studies in the University of Lodz. Ewa founded Teatr FRAKTAL (FRACTAL Theatre), that creates original, poetic and intimate theatre forms. Her works are known for their rich visuality and experimenting with sounds by creating special musical instruments for each performance. During pandemic Ewa created her first animated films: „my dear quarantine” (the film won 20 awards on international film festivals) and „small. quite small” (Grand Prix of the International Puppetry Video Campaign, UNIMA Korea).
That’s What Breath Is Benae Beamon
In the midst of a hostile environment, Johaira uses ritual practice to reorient herself.
the analogy of space Oleksandr Hoisan Due to long-term observation of the NPCs (Non-Playable Characters) in the classic GTA: San Andreas (2004) the player witnesses certain documentary events that take place in different parts of the in-game world. To some extent, the constant movement which accompanies the player-observer throughout the in-game space is the only salvation from quotidian violence on the streets but not always.
Oleksandr Hoisan (b. 2001, Ivano-Frankivsk, Ukraine). The first student films participated in more than 100 national and international festivals (incl. Oberhausen, Sarajevo Film Festival, FIDMarseille, BRNO16, Molodist), received awards. In his artistic practice, he turns to the search for new forms of observation. Focusing on documentary, it is important for him to capture a certain portraiture of time due to long-term observation. Also, having discovered the possibility of continuing his own observational practices in the long-standing passion of playing classic video games with an open world, he began a new process of researching virtual in-game worlds through the prism of creating animation-documentary machinimas. In 2022, Oleksandr graduated from the bachelor’s degree in film and television directing at the Kyiv National University of Culture and Arts. Currently, he continues his studies at the master’s degree.
The Letter From Tomorrow Nataliya Bek-Gergard This film is a dedication to all victims of totalitarian regimes. Can a single image tell a story of the invisible thread that interweaves past and present tragedies together? The film was my personal portal to my great-grandma Feodosia, my ancestors and time as a whole. Bridging five generations and more than a century, it created a new family archive of light and shadows on 16 mm film.
Nataliya Bek-Gergard is an independent Ukrainian filmmaker based in Toronto, Canada, interested in exploring the intersections of fiction and documentary filmmaking. Her work is shaped by her artistic curiosity and a commitment to sharing the untold stories that defy containment but demand expression.
Vision Çağıl Harmandar
Eyes are magical spheres that make up dreams and retain memories. In our eyes, the visions of the within and of the beyond overlap. New worlds come to be when our gazes meet.
Water / Bodies – Tigre Delta Roberto Niño Betancourt A non-anthropocentric exploration of the multiple scales of life in the fluvial ecosystem of Tigre in Argentina, where the Parana and La Plata rivers meet. Every drop of water contains complex universes in continuous transformation. As the river flows, its perpetual state of motion emphasises the harmonic relationship between the landscape and the different species that inhabit it.
(Croatia / Colombia, 1987) Research-oriented filmmaker, MA in film & new media from NABA, Nuova Accademia di Belle Arti, in Milan, Italy. His audiovisual work is the result of analytical and reflective observations of reality, contaminated by the influence of visual arts and theater. He won the Unidee/Illycaffè grant – Artist residence at Cittadellarte-Fondazione Pistoletto in 2017 and the Crea Digital grant for interactive narratives by the Colombian Ministry of Culture in 2016. His work has been exhibited at international film and media art festivals in Europe, Latin America and the United States. Filmography 2022 — Director — Warta – Experimental short Documentary 2020 — Director — Iris Awaits – Experimental short Film 2019 — Director — Fool’s Gold – Experimental short Film 2018 — Director — Streams – Experimental short Film 2017 — Director — The Water / The Wool – short documentary 2015 — Director — Itagui – Experimental short Film 2014 — Director — Windmills – Experimental short Film 2012 — Director — Summer Breeze – Short documentary 2010 — Director — Dreamers in the hospice – Short documentary




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VLX5 Artist Q&A with Telemach Wiesinger

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