Reception 7-8
Soentjie 8-9

A Punk Cello Experience

Nov 10 – 8pm
Nov 17 – 8pm

Mellissae Lucia
Mellissae Lucia is a Sunny Surrealist and award-winning artist who is currently exploring experimental mobile photography, digital collage, and street art. She teaches innovative digital media techniques and how to make your own Oracle decks from vision to production online, as well as in person at The Palms Springs Art Museum and The Museum of Photographic Arts in San Diego’s Balboa Park.
#1 B-Girl Apostle
#2 Riot Grrrl
#3 Valley Girl
#4 Rude Girl
#5 Material Gurl
#6 Home Girl

$222. for a single wheat pastable print, or $999 for all six

Steven Félix-Jäger
Steven Félix-Jäger is a conceptual realist artist from Central Florida. He works full-time as a high school art teacher and as an adjunct professor at Southeastern University and Polk State College. Félix-Jäger has shown his art in solo and group shows around the US and internationally.

Eisheh in Motion – $450

Aaron Vanden
Aaron Vanden is a Los Angeles based multimedia artist bridging the gap between canvas and screen. With a strong foundation in painting and illustration, complemented by a working knowledge of filmmaking, Aaron specializes in creating a hybrid of physical and digital media, striving to adapt tangible art into dynamic motion.

Rachel Gibas
Rachel loves the absurd, the wonder of magical places and the freedom found in ideas.  Energy of line, bold color and the figure are central to her work as she draws upon the whimsical and the intense alike.  Rachel has a BA in Art Education from the University of Florida. She has worked as an Art Teacher, Program Coordinator at the Harn Museum of Art, and Park Decorator at the Disneyland Resort. She currently works from her studio in Long Beach.

Rock On! $325
FU! $325
Punch! $325

Eliane Lima
Eliane Lima is a Brazilian-American artist. She received a BA in Cinema from Binghamton University, the State University of New York and two Master of Fine Arts degrees, from San Francisco Art Institute(2012) and California Institute of The Arts (2017). Lima’s work has shown at Liverpool Biennial, SFMOMA, Anthology Film Archives, Pacific Film Archives, Brazil, Cuba, Canada, and elsewhere. She was awarded the SF Weekly Mastermind 2012 prize and featured an installation in homage to George Kuchar at the ArtPadSF 2012.  With George Kuchar, she began to perform in front of the camera, and in his class picture Lingo of the Lost (2011), she was the protagonist. She also appears in fours of his video diaries, one of them Butchered Beefcake, which is the about the making of Leonora, a short film that Lima made with George, and he co-starred with Linda Martinez.

USP Punks from 80s!
BW Print – $800

Karen Amy Finkel Fishof
Born in the Bronx, NY, Karen was heavily influenced by the NY art scene, hanging out in clubs with Andy Warhol and Keith Haring in the 80’s. She attended Syracuse University as a painting major, where she received a BFA including a year abroad at St. Martins School of Art, London, UK, where she first started creating photograms under the same professors that worked with Gilbert and George.

Election Day $13,000 (mounting and installation included)

Dan Greene
Dan Greene is an Artist, educator, San Fernando Valley Native.  His work concerns itself with the dignity of objects.  He appropriates the word “dignity” to approach those aspects of an object which extend past the horizon of human comprehension, evading a complete mapping, taxonomy, valuing and devaluing.  Unto each there is more, teeming with more.  He makes it his task to attempt visual representations of these aspects and their barriers to scrutibility; to show you your own not-knowing. His artworks strive to provide a taste of seized apprehension; to glimpse a wave of the viewer’s own cognition halting at its crest.

How Could It Be Otherwise? – $500

Lynda Pizzuto

“For The World is a Nest,an immense power holdsthe Inhabitants of the World in this Nest.” – The Poetics of Space, Gaston Bachelard

Assembled patterns, shapes and colors arise from the Natural world combined with Pop Culture Icons that dwell in a kind of Disorderly Order in my constructed Fantasy Nests.Influenced by Buddhism, Impermanence and a Deep Regard for all living things, and the Mystery of Life.

Urban Nest $5000