Saturday 6/22 8pm People St NoHo Plaza
North Hollywood, CA

A few years ago I built a mapping app for the iPhone. The app tracked the user’s proximity to the last known whereabouts of missing people in Los Angeles. When the app was in beta I would drive to these abduction sites to test its integrity in real time. I began collecting objects that I found in these places and amassed a small collection of what could objectively be referred to as trash. I would also take field recordings when possible. Concurrent to this project I built a sculpture that used a hand-made, record lathe head to pass these field recordings through an object (in this case, objects that I found at these abduction sites) to then be collected by contact mics.

The show will involve me activating the sculpture with a 40 minute ambient piece composed of these field recordings and performed using cassette tapes. Also included would be a 3 channel video piece featuring a 360 degree view of the abduction sites I visited. The experience would function as a guided meditation of sorts on the intersection between two contrasting, yet co-existing geographies. The geography of the present (ourselves in the space) and the geography of the missing.

The nature of the work would strike a balance between installation, screening, performance, and theater.



Daniel Watkins is a visual/sound artist based in Los Angles, California. Interested in crypto-geography, useless machines, LoFi technology, and noise; he received my MFA in Art and Technology / Integrated Media from the California Institute of the Arts.