Fri 7/6  7pm-11pm DECLARATION opening
sounds by Aronin, Normandy Falls, and Present

Fri 7/13  8pm-11pm 
sounds by Elovet, The Usual Haunts, Chestnut

Fri 7/20  8pm-11pm DECLARATION 7/20
sounds by DCHAV, Primo Major

Fri 7/27  8pm-11pm 
sounds by Wick End, Pablo Perez, Morgan Garrett, Dendera Bloodbath, Galaxie Deluxe

M. Woods

Commodity Trading: Election Day (Part 1 of 3) 15:56

M. Woods is a mixed-media artist working in experimental narrative film, video art, photography, collage, sound design, and performance. His work chronicles the spread of the Numb Spiral, the results of a digital sickness that manifests itself in the codification and symbolic negation of being.Woods is working on The Numb Spiral exhibit, which consists of a novel, five feature films, a web series, several short films, virtual reality, performance, photography, collage, and mixed-media sculpture.

The Numb Spiral is the point at which consciousness negates being, and a cruel illusion maintains control of the flailing senses. What begins as apathy, surreptitiously devolves into solipsism and nihilism, until the infected succumbs to the perception of total illusion. The Digital Sickness is the evil at the heart of mediated representation, and in tandem with spectacle and the negation of the simulacra, the Digital Sickness marches onwards towards the eradication of the real and the propagation of its double.

M. Woods just released Dailies from Dumpland (2018), which will be premiering in the fall; he is preparing the release of Commodity Trading: Dies Irae (2018), [GENESIS] Disneyworld (2019), and [EXODUS] Melencolia (tentative 2019.) He is also in post-production on two Avant-Garde Virtual Reality pieces – one of which debuted at Los Angeles Center for Digital Art in January of 2018 and played at VRLA 2018.

Plastic Jesus

Art Teacher

Plastic Jesus is a Los Angeles based street artist that specialises in bold  stencil and installation work, inspired by world news events, society, the urban environment, culture and politics.   His critically acclaimed work combines humor, irony, criticism  and unique opinion to create art that engages on many levels.

Prior to his commitment to produce provocative street art Plastic Jesus has worked for over two decades as a photographer.

Gianfranco Cioffi

G.K. 1, G.K. 2, G.K. 3, G.K. 4

Contemporary painter Gianfranco Cioffi, born and raised in Italy and currently residing in Los Angeles, California, has participated in shows all over the United States and Europe.

Through Calligraphy pens and brushes, Bamboo stick and pastels, Sumi ink and Watercolor, Gianfranco forever captures a precious moment in time with the stroke of his hand.

There’s a combination of minimal balance, movement, and seductive emotional gestures in his chosen colors and fully focused lines. The scheme of his painting invites the observer to move into an unknown space that activates our deep, hidden, and sometimes forgotten memories. Gianfranco speaks to the turbulence inside of us.

Ken Salter

Reflecting Pool, Crosswind, You Drive Me Nervous

Born in Los Angeles, Ken Salter has been at the frontier of entertainment technology and art for over 25 years. With engineering degrees from UC Berkeley and UCLA, Ken worked for Disney Imagineering developing new technologies for theme park rides. He has numerous patents on ride and entertainment technology. He co-owns a company which manufactures large sculptures, using digital techniques, for some of the world’s most successful artists. His interest in fractals and emergence originated in 2000 after reading several books on chaos and complexity science.

Ken was diagnosed with Parkinsons Disease in 2008 at the age of 46. One of the benefits of this disease is that changes in brain chemistry enhance creativity and awaken artistic abilities. He began building sculptures that explore emergent phenomena in 2012 and has shown twice at San Francisco’s Exploratorium.

Ken views reality from a systems perspective and is skeptical of faith. The concept of emergence reinforces his worldview that intricate systems that appear to be designed need no creator. He is particularly interested in the nature of consciousness as an emergent phenomenon.

Lisa Pradhan

Lisa Pradhan (b. 1992, San Diego, USA) is a Newari, multimedia artist and organizer who grew up glitched in the socal suburb of Rancho Bernardo. Conceptually obsessed with the states of living (ex. joy, illinx, hygge), Lisa looks to create the “impossible” through somatic, performance, and digital work. Lisa’s shown at the Asian Art Museum, the Pacific Heritage Museum, and AS Gallery and co-curated the Performing Arts showcase for Kearny Street Workshop’s (KSW) APAture 2017: Unravel and Appendix’s </3.

Michaela Rebelo

We Call BS

Micaela Rebelo is a working artist in New York City currently studying photography at Parsons School of Design graduating in 2021.

Julia Gil

Memory I, Memory II, Memory III

Julia Gil is a brazilian artist based in São Paulo. She grew up in a temporary autonomous zone and later received her BFA from UNESP (University of São Paulo State). She works in sculpture, painting and drawing mediums since 2010. Julia has exhibited at galleries within Brazil including Photoarts Gallery (2016) and the Arts Institute Gallery at UNESP (2011-2015), she also participated at art collectives including “Ateliê do Centro” where she was mentored by the artist Rubens Espirito Santo, Gabriel Botta and Pedro Campanha.

Rene Franco

She Gets Revenge

Rene Franco is a writer and artist born and raised in Los Angeles. In 2016, his first novella Proposal for an Empathetic Surveillance State was published and centers on a hacker who becomes involved with inadvertently electing Trump. His quasi-religious portraits of characters in the Trump administration operate as satirical forms of judgement. Meanwhile, his portraits of brown figures take the derogatory language used against Latinos and immigrants to create heroic portraits that operate as nightmares pulled from the imaginations of white supremacists.

Steven Félix-Jäger and Clovis Blackwell

Everybody Feels, Everybody Grows, Everybody Dies

Steven Félix-Jäger (PhD, MFA) is Assistant Professor and Chair of the Worship Arts and Media Program at Life Pacific College, San Dimas, CA. A practicing artist and musician, Félix-Jäger is also the author of Pentecostal Aesthetics (Brill Academic, 2015), With God on Our Side (Wipf & Stock, 2017), Spirit of the Arts (Palgrave, 2017), and of numerous scholarly journal articles about art, aesthetics, worship, and theology.

Lana Z Kaplan


Lana Z Caplan works across media, including single-channel films or videos in essay form, interactive installations, video art and photography. In many of her works, the technology itself – digitally generated realities, landscape referent projections, historic photo processes, internet images, multi-channel or interactive installations – is used to comment on itself and transform its subject.

John Mueller

A Green Woman, Club Meeting

John Mueller is a LA based Artist