Child’s Play 1/5 – 1/27

Lay belly flat to the ground.  Look around the room from under your table.  Rediscover the perspective that often gets lost over the years.  A perspective of innocence … wonder … fear … excitement … intrigue … absurdity.

Join us Friday Jan 5th 6-9pm for 2018’s first VAST Lab show – Child’s Play.

Drinks, snacks, and conversation will start @ 6pm….all ages are welcome. Map and directions to The Vast Lab at bottom of page.

Julia Alexander-Bates

Julia’s work aims to bridge the gap between the personal and formal elements specific to ideas of: flatness, color saturation and patterning. She has always been drawn to interior design and the placement and combination of pattern, color and texture to create a visual story. Her paintings are formed in a similar way, by which i include figures intended to blend or “pop” from their surroundings. the figures are integral to the work, but not any more or less significant than the objects, shapes, or color surrounding them.

Rick Dallago

RICK DALLAGO is a L.A. based film producer and artist. He likes to blur the lines between photography, painting and film by hand-tinting black & white photos and creating photographic series that tell a story. As a location manager, he’s reconnaissanced the world and beyond.


Storyteller, Angelino, Space Camp alumnus.
An anyways dreamer and sometimes hypnotist.

Juan M. Gomez

Juan M. Gomez is an artist working in two-dimensional media. He received his BFA from California State University Fullerton. His work expresses his interest in the complexities of human experience and he illustrates this through the physicality of his work. In 2010 one of his paintings became a part of the permanent collection of The Latino Museum of History, Art & Culture in Los Angeles and he continues to create and show work. He lives and works in Santa Ana, California.

Dan Greene

His work concerns itself with the dignity of objects.

He appropriates the word “dignity” to approach those aspects of an object which extend past the horizon of human comprehension, evading a complete mapping, taxonomy, valuing and devaluing.
Unto each there is more
Teeming with more.

He makes it his task to attempt visual representations of these aspects and their barriers to scrutability; to show you your own not-knowing.

His artworks strive to provide a taste of seized apprehension; to glimpse a wave of the viewer’s own cognition halting at its crest.

Kimberlee Koym-Murteira

Using water, video, and mason jars, Kimberlee creates a branch of new media arte povera. From small sculptures to large scale video projection machines she uses light, water, and movement to reflect people. They mark intersections with technology and the everyday, connections between the virtual and physical; pathways between the environment and people. Kimberlee grew up in San Antonio,Texas, USA, and happily calls Northern California home now. She earned her MFA from Mills College & a MA from Central St. Martins, London. She teaches new media art at DVC and CCA.

Shannon Lee

Shannon Lee likes to make films and art through animation, music, costumery and alien frequencies. Physically based in Los Angeles; however, mentally cruising the universe…Past experiences include receiving a BFA at The School of the Art Institute of Chicago in 2013, and an MFA in Experimental Animation at CalArts in 2017. Shannon has shown her work locally and internationally within venues such as the Ann Arbor Film Festival, Chicago’s Museum of Contemporary Art, and the Melbourne International Animation Festival.

Alana Medina

Inland Empire based artist mother, graduated with an MFA from Claremont Graduate University, BA CSUSB. Showing works at PST LA/LA Taj-Art Eagle Rock, and MIIM Los Angeles. Working in textile l, hand sewn pieces with acrylic paint, spray paint and tie dye, representing am earth element and an element of domestication and the home to each individual piece.