Aug 2018 Ink @ VASTLAB

INK @ The Vast Lab – 8/18 through 8/31

Sat 8/25  8pm-11:30pm 
sounds by Banny Grove ? R. Clown ? General Baby ?Fri 8/31  8pm-11pm INK closing + VAST MIX

M. Woods

For Dies Irae / $100 Bluray

M. Woods is a media terrorist working in avant-garde film, video art, photography, collage, sound design, and performance. He has released over thirty short films and is working on the finishing touches of four feature films; Dailies from Dumpland, his debut feature film, will be premiering in Paris in October, 2018. Parts of his bigger project, The Numb Spiral, an art cycle on which he is working, have shown at the Rotterdam International Film Festival, Tribeca Film Festival, ATA Gallery, Experimental Response Cinema, the Museum of Human Achievement, the Los Angeles Center for Digital Art, Collectif Jeune Cinema’s Paris Festival of Different and Experimental Cinemas, and he recently won the top prize at the 2017 Montreal Underground Film Festival. Woods’ work chronicles the spread of the Numb Spiral, the results of a digital sickness that manifests itself in the codification and symbolic negation of being. His work is a fashioned attack against the institutional structures of white supremacy and the alpha male fantasy. Woods’ short film work is distributed by Collectif Jeune Cinema, Paris.

Karissa Hahn

FUTURE LIGHT / $300 Inkjet 3056A / $300

Karissa Hahn is a visual artist based in Los Angeles who works between film and video to accumulate a storm of ‘spectra ephemera.’ Hahn has shown around the planet Earth in various cinemas, galleries, and institutions such as the New York Film Festival, CROSSROADS, Ann Arbor Film Festival, and the Anthology Film Archives.

Krista Sutton

High Fecundity/$1800.00

Krista Sutton is a Los Angeles based full-time multi-creative. An accomplished international, Dora Award Nominated and award winning actor/singer/writer Sutton is a graduate of Toronto, Canada’s renowned UC Drama Program. She has studied and worked with some of the world’s most influential creatives: Robert Lepage (Canada), Herbert Olschok, (Germany) Jean-Jacques LeMetre (France), Paolo Consiglio (Italy), and Robert Wilson (USA). An artist on stage and off she has worked as leather mask-maker, set designer, set builder, costumier, Artistic Director and many creative roles in between. If something creative is happening she is drawn in. Her intricate pen and ink (and often watercolor) art works in concert with all her artistic endeavors and mediums to inform and influence each other. Working for hours and days and months on each pen and ink piece, Sutton’s highly detailed floral works are rarely planned but emerge organically and in the moment. Nature’s patterns, layers, depth, rawness, unrestraint, unabashed seductiveness, femininity, organized chaos and how they shape our memories and experiences inspire her. On these paper fields are childhood sense memories of bulrushes, berries and bees: to put pen to paper and let these memories emerge is a daily meditation. Her goal is to inspire others to come along with her. Through Sutton’s capturing of tiny details and the “smaller picture” of nature and our environment, a larger picture and emotional response can emerge. High Fecundity: Dripping with honey and imagery of the feminine – sensuality, power and fertility – this piece has Sutton’s signature painstaking detail and meditative layers of flowers, weeds, and grasses. A bee emerges, free!, from this honey soaked floral hive explosion. Ultimately a positive message of hope: with the power of the feminine, nature and fertility….we will emerge stronger and free.

Edith Jimenez

Corazón Minimal- $100

Latina artist based out of Orange County California, also photographer, candle maker, and weiner dog lover.

Shayne Branley

The Golden Road to the Ultimate Devotion, $2500 It’s Not Polite to Point, $100 Light Way Not the Hallway, $100

Hello from Shayne Branley, I am an aspiring artist whose focus surrounds the world of cartooning through various symbols and illustration. A recurring icon who acts as my insignia character throughout the majority of my works is an upside down tortoise who inhabits the surreal dimensional state of magic realism who is also the protagonist for my series of children’s books around Hurdle the Turtle. The story books for kids teach basic learning skills and morals while the heavy pattern worlds of my drawings alter the symbolism of common iconography found in media society.

Syd Hardy

Big Squeeze – $100 / Garbagio – $150

Syd “Chino” Hardy is an LA-based artist and comic creator.


Pleasure Island – $90 / Settle The Score – $85 / Already Too Late – $65

Edward is my Middle Name is a project encompassing visual works of analog collage as well as sonic works including but not limited to audio collage, soundscapes and harsh noise available on cassette.He loves bringing elements together which otherwise would never have been, how that relationship changes the nature of the existing pieces, and seeing others’ perspectives and styles come through in their work. He encourages you to get in touch for any reason and is always open to collaborate.

Tena Deletist-Bleakhaus

excerpts from Children of the Black Sun

Creator of Bitter Pie Comix, Organizer of annual global headphone festival called plug. Veteran experimental dark ambient composer and producer of electronic + acoustic albums, self-releasing since 2003. Hosted monthly free noise & doom shows in the living room of a former home on Mission Street, dubbed BleakHaus. Has since gone rogue and nomadic for 7000 miles with BleakHausTruk, a 14′ converted off-grid box truck with a piano, a wood burning stove, a tub, an easle, a giant PA, a loveable stray dog named Sadie and one ascetic woman inside.

Rohitash Rao

Underbelly “Coffee” / $800 (framed)Underbelly “Easy Chair” / $800 (framed)Underbelly “Piñata” / $800 (framed)

I was born in Hyderabad, India and grew up in Rancho California, California. I’ve worked as an art director, an animator, a director, an illustrator, a fine artist and taco maker at Del Taco. I’ve co-written and illustrated 7 children’s books, co-created an animated pilot for Fox and formed a band called Alone In Your Ménage à Trois.

Jed McGowan

Woods (Screenprint) – $50 Sun (Animation)

Jed McGowan is a writer, cartoonist, and illustrator who has made work for Wired, Vice, The New York Times, and others. He lives with his family near the Los Angeles River and a really good bakery.

Ben Garbus

Blinded – 30 / Mind’s steam – 30 / Look – 30

My name is Ben Garbus and I like to draw. I’m 15 years old, and as long as I can remember I was drawing. I have lived in LA my whole life, so my drawings take visual inspiration from the art and design located everywhere in LA. I always put meanings into my work, a layer of depth beyond the paper. This is a common theme for me, as people have always judged my ability and who I am by how I look. I am a very emotional person and I feel when I create something, it shows that emotion, and creates a connection between the work and the audience instead of between me and the audience. My goal is to combine visuals and meaning to make something people can use to learn about themselves.

Jake Reeves

Big Dead Robo Head / $350 Stone Wizard II / $200 End of A World / $150

Jake Reeves b. 1992 Born in Concord Ohio on a Christmas Tree Farm. Jake lives and works in Los Angeles. He graduated from the Rhode Island SChool of Design in 2015.

Jacqueline Bonciolini

Falling / $1029.00 Tipping / $879.00 Sempre / $739.00

Growing up in the beautiful Pacific Northwest, Jacqueline has always had an appreciation for nature and art; however, her own induction into art was somewhat of an accident. A basketball injury the summer before high school led to a diagnosis of a connective tissue disorder, and subsequently, chronic pain. Unable to take P.E., she was left with few elective options. Taking art sophomore year was the beginning of her journey into the art world. In college, the science classes for her Animal Science minor needed a creative counterpart, so she also earned a Visual Arts minor at Oregon State University. It wasn’t until a couple years after graduation that Jacqueline recognized how crucial painting was to balancing her life. Her job in marketing was not filling the creative void. Her first paint affair may have been with acrylic, but at the end of college she stumbled into India ink, and it was love. The drama and contrast of rich black ink on the stark white paper was captivating. The ability to unapologetically smear, splatter, and brush her emotions across the page allowed her to get her frustration out on paper. Specific life events can cause a rush of emotions, but more often the frustration is due to the daily wear of the pain and hindrance of the disorder. Not being able to do what she once loved, she found a new love that helps her cope with that reality. Her non-representational abstract work often depicts this internal struggle and anger, as well as feelings of joy. When painting representational pieces, her passion for animals influences her choice of subject matter. The challenge of capturing their personalities and beauty is something she delights in. She still enjoys painting with acrylic on canvas, but the majority of her work is done with India ink, walnut ink, and the occasional addition of watercolor.

L. Aviva Diamond

I’m Trying Not to Say It – $50 / Dreamtime – $50/ Emerging -$50 / They Went That Away – $50

L. Aviva Diamond is a former journalist (ABC News & The Miami Herald) who now spends her life drawing, shooting stills and singing jazz. Her photography has been shown at the Griffin Museum of Photography, Palm Springs Art Museum, Latino Art Museum, Torrance Art Museum, TAG Gallery, Porch Gallery Ojai, Art Share LA, Gallery 825, Orange County Center for Contemporary Art and the Los Angeles Center for Digital Art. Her drawings and paintings have been on exhibit at the Neutra Institute Gallery and Museum.