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The Sky Remains 0:06:30 Andy Motz
Red waters 0:01:40 Luane Costa
Search or type web address. 0:01:50 예빈
Three 0:02:00 Soyeon Kim
Beth’s three o’clock with Dr. Harlow 0:02:06 Emma Penaz Eisner
Miracle 0:02:08 Neil Needleman
Mandala 0:02:30 Hüseyin Mert Erverdi
Corrupted blood phones 0:02:30 ian haig
Houseproud (home movie) 0:02:33 Tess Cortes
Drawing Time 0:02:34 Dan Kennedy
Solastalgia 0:03:02 Scott Turri
Time(s) To Breathe 0:03:09 Stan Adard
Digits of Pi 0:03:14 Tom Bessoir
Escape 0:03:14 Benjamin Poumey
Witchery 0:03:15 martin del carpio
Show Me Love 0:03:18 Anna Gustafson
On a Dimly Lit Path 0:03:19 Janaye Brown
Freytag’s Pyramid of Climactic Light 0:03:44 Kai Swanson
and a porcelain cat 0:04:20 Juana Robles
Artax – Dust On Snow (Brad Hamers & Frietboer with Eigenheimer) 0:04:34 Jessica Daugherty
Italo Metronome 0:04:41 Hanna-Mari Ojala
dark parts 0:04:51 Becky Brown
Chant For A Pandemic 0:05:00 Dee Hood
Saga of Some Shadowy Shades 0:05:03 Kunal Biswas
Pedestrian Flow Zone 0:06:15 gregg biermann
Olive 0:10:31 Michael Higgins
Do You Want to Break the Egg? 0:15:00 柏云
Haiku 0:17:17 Martin Gerigk
Unrest in Iran 0:05:00 Alexandra Kaucher
Bug 0:05:16 Mackenzie Curtis
Swing 0:05:30 mari jaye blanchard
Postlude 0:06:00 Roger Deutsch
Disconnection Point 0:06:00 Losing Truth
Tapes from Thailand 0:06:33 Thorsten Wagner
Trepanation 0:06:52 Nick Ian Flaherty
Mass for Shut-ins 0:07:54 Gwendolyn Audrey Foster
The Last Martial Arts 0:08:00 Hing Tsang
When i wake up 0:08:08 Goran Nježić
Temporary Blindness 0:09:09 Alan Armas
Tempest 0:09:42 Myra Rivera
The White Widow 0:20:00 Veuve Blanche
Unfold 0:06:09 John Graham
Bend Low, Sweet Branch, Bend Low 0:04:57 Alexandra Kaucher
Woolgathering 0:05:39 Emma Bright
Scary Places/Shapes & Sizes 0:05:59 Pamela Jack Falkenberg Cochran
Dreamlines 0:06:30 Alexander Greenhough
Iris awaits 0:06:51 Roberto Nino Betancourt
LOST IN A FORGOTTEN PLACE 0:07:14 mona kasra
38 River Road 0:07:14 Josh Weissbach
Slideshows From The Peanut Gallery 0:08:21 Paul Rodgers
Dialectic 0:08:33 Jason Bernagozzi
another horizon 0:09:00 Stephanie Barber
this is my body / LEMNISCAPE / Untitled 0:09:37 Theophilus Gaffney
Iva Bedlam/ Shiner Dogma 0:09:58 Jonas Luyckx
Illuminated 0:10:48 Brittany Severance
Inside and Outside the Wall 0:11:33 Yihan Lin
der und die 0:09:35 Peter Böving
Propagation and Detection 0:07:20 Enzo Cillo
KINDLE – a time capsule for my death told in three parts 0:06:44 martin del carpio
The Big (Deep) Sleep 0:06:00 Johannes DeYoung
On Color 0:02:38 Hüseyin Mert Erverdi
Anthology For Fruits and Vegetables 0:14:52 Dawn George
The Recognition Reception 0:05:00 Monica Goldberg
picture box 0:05:00 janice howard
10 PAST 11 0:14:40 Kayla Ozzy
Right Turn 0:06:00 Caroline Rumley
compulsory heterosexuality 0:06:02 Emily M Van Loan
Dinners 0:20:00 Ana Vijdea
SIGNAL 0:09:45 Telemach Wiesinger
The Ragpicker 0:08:13 Sebastian Wotschke

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Stan Adard Alan Armas Stephanie Barber Jason Bernagozzi Tom Bessoir Gregg Biermann Kunal Biswas Mari Jaye Blanchard Benoit Mars Peter Böving Emma Bright Becky Brown Janaye Brown Enzo Cillo Tess Cortes Luane Costa Mackenzie Curtis jdaugh Martin del Carpio Roger Deutsch Johannes DeYoung Emma Penaz Eisner Hüseyin Mert Erverdi Pamela Falkenberg & Jack Cochran Nick Ian Flaherty Gwendolyn Audrey Foster Theophilus Gaffney Dawn George Martin Gerigk Monica Goldberg John Graham Alexander Greenhough Anna Gustafson Ian Haig Michael Higgins Dee Hood Janice Howard Mona Kasra Alexandra Kaucher Dan Kennedy Soyeon Kim Yebin Lee Yihan Lin Jonas Luyckx Andy Motz Neil Needleman Roberto Nino Betancourt Goran Nježić Hanna-Mari Ojala Kayla Ozzy Losing Truth Benjamin Poumey Myra Rivera Juana Robles Paul Rodgers Caroline Rumley Brittany Severance Kai Swanson Hing Tsang Scott Turri Emily M Van Loan Ana Vijdea Thorsten Wagner Josh Weissbach Telemach Wiesinger Sebastian Wotschke Kuo Po-Yun

7-9:30pm PST

Thursday Dec 17th - Friday Dec 18th - Saturday Dec 19th - Sunday Dec 20th

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