Dec 14th 7-9pm

The VAST Lab
5151 Whitsett Ave (@ Magnolia)
Los Angeles, CA 91607

“Objects and Being” is the culmination of selected works created over the past year and a half. Julia is a wife and mother of three. She lives and works in Los Angeles, CA.

The works for this show were created as a window into a space of reflection, meditation, and curiosity. Julia begins each piece by photographing a space within her home environment. An arrangements of objects, a single plant, her child reading on the floor. The snapshot is an entry point into beginning a work. Objects are added or removed as the painting unfolds.
“My interest as a painter is to create something that is both familiar and ethereal, personal and universal, mundane and magical. My paintings depict domestic spaces. A space where everything physical and psychological are made active and laid to rest. It is a space of coming together, falling apart, resting, being. It is an arrangement of everyday ordinary objects, hopes, dreams, fears, and aspirations. Objects are enjoyed, collected, discarded, used, coveted, replaced. It is familiar, ordinary, sublime, and extra-ordinary. The stove, the kitchen sink, a tube of toothpaste, a vase of flowers. Objects surround us, reflect us, are purchased, discarded; consciously, unconsciously. I am interested in painting the things that surround my daily life. Things that are essential, go unnoticed, are real and imagined.”